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Farm and Ranch Insurance Coverage

As a member owned farm mutual, Hochheim Prairie Insurance understands the unique insurance needs of rural Texans for their farm buildings and farming equipment. Hochheim Prairie Insurance offers insurance coverage on those additional items that are not covered under most home insurance policies. Hochheim Prairie Farm and Ranch Insurance coverage generally includes Farm Buildings, Detached Garages, Storage Buildings, Barns, Hay Sheds, Arena, Fences, Grain Bins, Silos, Poultry Houses, and Dairy Farm Operations.

Farm and Ranch Insurance can also include Farm Implements, Machinery & Tools, Tractors, Combines, Farm Implements, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) for Farm use only, Farm Machinery, and Farm Equipment. Hay, Feed, Seed & Fertilizer, Irrigation Equipment, Windmills & Cisterns may also be included in Farm and Ranch Insurance coverage.

Contact an authorized Hochheim Prairie Insurance Agent for details.

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