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Affordable Home Insurance Coverage for Your Home and Personal Property

Hochheim Prairie Insurance provides insurance protection for your home and personal belongings. Home owners should add liability coverage for a full home insurance protection package. Are you concerned about fire or windstorm? Hochheim's standard policy covers wind, hail, hurricanes and tornadoes. See Hochheim's competitive rates and savings with Hochheim Prairie's home insurance discounts by "Getting a Home Insurance Quote". Contact an authorized Hochheim Prairie Insurance Agent for details.

  • Home Insurance - Insurance protection coverage for your home and personal property.
  • Manufactured Home or Mobile Home Insurance - Hochheim offers a variety of coverages for your manufactured home. This includes everything which is legally a part of the manufactured home. Coverage may include any personal belongings, plus additions, skirting, carports or other structures which form a part of the manufactured home. Tailor the protection you need by choosing either the Basic, Broad or Special coverage options.
  • Modular Home Insurance - Home constructed as pre-made parts (modules) that are transported from the factory to the building site.
  • Builder's Risk Insurance - Coverage that protects a person's interest in materials, fixtures and/or equipment being used in the construction or renovation of a building or structure.
  • Duplex, Triplex or Four-plex Home Insurance - Multi-Family Housing

Hochheim Prairie's home insurance policies do not include liability coverage. If someone believes you are legally liable for their injuries and/or damages at your home, you may be at risk. Consider adding Hochheim Prairie Insurance's home liability insurance coverage to your policy. Contact an authorized Hochheim Prairie Insurance Agent to add Liability Insurance to your property.
Farm and Ranch Building, Machinery and Equipment Insurance Coverage is also available for other structures not covered under your home insurance policy. This may include Detached Garages, Storage Buildings, Barns, Hay Sheds, Fence, Tractors, Farm Implements, Farm Machinery, Tools, Irrigation Equipment, Windmills and many more.

Personal Property Insurance

Hochheim Prairie Insurance provides Personal Property insurance coverage on the personal belongings in your home that are not permanently attached to the home. These personal possessions may include clothing, kitchen items, furniture and household appliances such as washing machines, clothes drier, refrigerators and stoves. When you begin to list all of your belongings and the value to replace them, this amount may become more than you think. Contact an authorized Hochheim Prairie Insurance Agent for details.

If you have expensive jewelry, cameras, silverware, art collections, golfing equipment, guns, personal computers that are in excess of the property limit coverage, Hochheim offers additional insurance coverage to replace those items. Consider adding them to your policy as a scheduled item.

Hochheim Insurance Discounts

Hochheim Prairie Members can enjoy substantial savings when they qualify for discounts on their home and auto. Review Hochheim Prairie Insurance Discounts, available to current Hochheim Prairie Members. Many of these discounts may also be available to new members. To find out which insurance policy discounts you qualify for, contact an authorized Hochheim Prairie Insurance Agent for details.

Home Insurance Discounts

Companion Home and Auto Discount
Insure your Home and Auto with Hochheim Prairie and get a Companion Home and Auto Discount. Members receive a 10% discount on both their home and auto insurance policies.

Claim-Free Home Discount
A Claim-Free Home Discount of 10% will be applied to each Farm Mutual policy that has been claim-free for the last 3 years. New members to Hochheim Prairie that have not had paid claims or losses within the last 36 months with their previous carrier can qualify as well.

Hail Resistant Roof Discount
Roofs that are UL rated to resist hail damage earn discounts. Discounts vary by roof type, UL rating and territory. Contact an authorized Hochheim Prairie Insurance Agent for details.

Metal Roof Discount
Members with a metal roof on their home receive a 5% metal roof discount.

New Home Discount
Hochheim Prairie offers significant discounts on new homes. Houses that are 3 years old or less earn a 30% discount. Houses that are 4-6 years old receive a 20% discount. Houses that are 7 years old receive a 15% discount. Houses that are 8 years old receive a 10% discount. Hochheim even offers a 5% discount on homes 9-10 years old. Contact a local authorized Hochheim Prairie Agent for details.

Home Security System Discount
Members with homes protected by a fire and/or burglar alarm system receive a 5% discount.

Hochheim Prairie is your source for Home Insurance, Personal Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, Auto Insurance, Farm and Ranch Insurance and Small Business Insurance.

Your Hochheim Policy does not cover floods. Knowing the difference between protection from a flood and a covered water loss is essential. Get the facts about Federal Government's National Flood Insurance Program at www.floodsmart.gov