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Insurance Coverage for Personal Property

Hochheim Prairie Insurance provides personal property coverage on the things you have in your home that are not permanently attached to the home. These personal possessions may include clothing, kitchen items, furniture and household appliances such as washing machines, clothes dryer, refrigerators and stoves. Go to Take A Home Inventory Software or printable Home Inventory list to document and inventory your household items and personal property. When you begin to list all of your belongings and the value to replace them, this amount may become more than you think. Contact an authorized Hochheim Prairie Insurance Agent for details.

If you have expensive jewelry, cameras, silverware, art collections, golfing equipment, musical equipment, guns and personal computers that are in excess of the property limit coverage, Hochheim offers additional insurance coverage to replace those items. Consider adding them to your policy as a scheduled item.

Hochheim Prairie is your source for Home Insurance, Personal Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, Auto Insurance, Farm and Ranch Insurance and Small Business Insurance.